La musique pop française

Even though I have 5 months until I’m going to be leaving for France, I’ve made it a personal addiction to immerse myself  starting right now.  Today I decided to get into some French pop music…because who doesn’t love learning French from pop music? Right?

After following some links, I stumbled upon some solid gold.

What I’m learning, though, is that when you can’t understand everything the musician is saying, the music videos are ten times more ridiculously funny. Here are some of my favorite gems from today! (And yes, I bought them all on iTunes, so they’re going to be imprinted in my mind.)

One thought on “La musique pop française

  1. You should check out Renan Luce. He’s one of my favorites. Also, Gregory Lemarchel. He won Star Academy (Like France’s version of American Idol) several years ago, meanwhile having a fatal disease that the public didn’t know about. He’s great at performing and has la voix d’un ange. And never forget the famous Carla Bruni.


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