The Letter Of Intent I’d Really Like To Send

Happy Birthday to the Eiffel Tower, which was dedicated today in 1889!

[ For my Visa application I have to, first, write a letter of intent to the French government. Here is the letter I wish I could have written to them…but didn’t (duh.)]

To whom it may concern (AKA you – why else would you be reading this?),

I am writing to inquire whether or not you will let me into your country. I really want to work there, and I can’t unless you say so. I’d consider myself a pretty awesome person. I’m not trying to steal French jobs, smuggle drugs or run off with one of your men (although, I can’t promise there’s no possibility of that happening). I just really want to learn about French and be completely bilingual, instead of one of those people who says they are and then totally aren’t. Like they know how to say, “Where’s the bathroom?” in Spanish and then , all the sudden, they’ve become bilingual. I mean, come on, what!? Oh…Sorry. I’m rambling, aren’t I? Anyway…

Soooo what do I plan on doing while I’m there? Mainly painting, to tell you the truth. I’ll be working and taking classes, but I really hope, more than anything, that I’ll be able to just sit in a field every now and then and paint the countryside. I’ve heard there are sheep farms where I’m going to be living and, let me tell  you, I LOVE sheep. In addition, there are three adorable children that really need me to take care of them. They’re pretty much the cutest children on the planet and I can’t wait to get to meet them in person, but I need you to tell me I can…or I’ll have to settle for Skype, until I come up with a more realistic plan B than parachuting into your country while dressed in disguise.

As for sanity, I can’t really vouch for myself. I think it takes a certain amount of insanity to move away from everything that’s familiar and everything/everyone that you know and go live in another country for any amount of time. But I am passionate, and driven, and I eat my vegetables and I’m a straight A student. Well, I was…when I was a student. And I will be again! Because I’m totally going to take classes while I’m there and I probably won’t be able to understand half of the things I’m taught, but that’s ok because I’m stubborn and I’ll study harder than anyone else at that school until I’m top of the class – even if it kills me (a death which would be extremely unfortunate since it’s taking me this much effort to get there in the first place).

In conclusion, I really want to come live in your country, and right now it’s pretty much you and the Visa police that have to tell me OK before I can. I’m madly in love with France. I started crying from happiness the other day because I walked past two people speaking French. No joke. That actually happened. I don’t just want you to approve my visa, I NEED you to approve it. Otherwise, I may throw myself off a cliff. Just kidding, that would be dumb. But I might be eternally heart broken and that’s pretty much the same thing – except not…because I won’t be dead.

Anyway, see you in a few months! (Too soon?)

Please don’t deny my application based off of my presumptuous American lack of ability to properly gage my actual ability to make a joke. PLEASE!

Thank you for your time, consideration, and for helping a sista out,


[Here’s the letter I actually wrote]

March 30th, 2014

Letter of Intent,

To whom it may concern,

I, the undersigned, am writing to request a “visa long séjour mention étudiant” in order to stay for the duration of one year working as an Au Pair beginning in August of this year. I hope this letter of intent to be an important element in getting the appropriate authorization required to work in your country.

My plans for working as an Au Pair would consist of me living with a family in Châteauneuf-sur-Loir beginning in August 2014 and would extend one year beyond that time. I would be taking care of three children in the household of [insert French family’s name], while taking classes to learn about French culture and language.  As I learn and grow in my knowledge of French, I will also be contributing knowledge of the English language with the children I would be taking care of.

I have studied French for most of my life while living in the United States, and would like to grow in my knowledge, and immerse myself in the culture that I have grown to love, by living and working in France.  I recently graduated in 2010 from Seattle Pacific University with a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Journalism and would now like to extend my education to include French courses and the cultural immersion that is only available when living within a country.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Emilee Morehouse


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