Berlin Day 2


Every time I travel I’m reminded of the importance of artists. While being an artist can feel menial, sometimes, seeing the political and historical importance of artists always amazes me.

Yesterday was one of these moments. Walking down the East Side Exhibit of the Berlin wall took my breath away. They say a picture is worth a million words, and I think that’s the case, even beyond photographs. If a photograph is worth a million words, then a painting can be worth so much more. Paintings show the heartbeat of not only the circumstances, emotions and political feelings of a society, but the heart and soul of its creator. Art is powerful. And that’s a lesson I feel like I have to be constantly reminded of. Luckily, Berlin is the perfect place for that reminder.

Yesterday was a true “German” experience day. I walked the wall, and then went over to Museum island, which is exactly what it sounds like – an island full of museums. The structures themselves were amazing. But I didn’t go in any of them BECAUSE I met this awesome tour guide who told me he was going to be doing a free walking tour five minutes from then. I asked him how long it was: Three hours. The topic? The Third Reich.

Since I’m an advocate for taking the experiences that are put in front of you, I decided to go and it was AMAZING. Things I would have just walked past normally were explained and there were so many stories. I got to see where Nazi offices were, where Hitler lived, where he died, explore the former Jewish quarter, and see the absolutely beautiful Berlin synagogue. I went to the Holocaust memorial, the parliament building, the Brandenburg Gate and ate a German Bratwurst – which was, of course, amazing.

But then the best thing happened: my tour guide told me there was a football match going on in The Olympian stadium. As in the the stadium Hitler had built for the ’36 Olympics. The ones Jesse Owens won gold at. OK, so I’m geeking out a bit.

So today, of course, I’m going to a football game! And, for those of you I’m the US, that means: I’m going to a soccer game! I’m so excited, it’s hard to explain. After Germany won the World Cup, I can’t even believe I get to go to a game in the same country.
And speaking of that, I have to go! Here are some pictures from my adventures so far! Cheers!







6 thoughts on “Berlin Day 2

  1. What a cool tour! I think WWII is so fascinating, it is so cool that you get to not only learn about the history there, but also get to see what Berlin has become. What an amazing experience!


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