Lessons learned in Amsterdam: Day 1

My first impression of Amsterdam was that it smelled like home, AKA Seattle. Then I figured out that it was because the air was filled with a heavy mixture of rain and marijuana. And the further I walked into these streets, paved with green leaves, I realized what a (to quote a store owner) “relaxed” city Amsterdam really was.

While this weekend was supposed to be a sort of “girls get away” my travel companion, through no fault of her own, wasn’t able to make it. So, I’m flying solo…a fact that’s immensely apparent in my two bed room where the other one is sitting staring, still perfectly made, at me. But, we have to make the best out of these situations, right?!
And although today has been 50 shades of crazy, I’ve introduced myself to the city by means of wandering. Tomorrow is museum day (aka I get to see works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer. I’m SO excited! But I’m getting ahead of myself..Here’s what I learned from today.

1. Just because the city name sounds the same as the place you,’re going, doesn’t mean it is. Sit back down on that train.

2. When there is a forecast for rain in Holland. It is going to RAIN. DO NOT run around yelling that the dam has been breached. Its not funny you history nerd.

3. It’s easier go find weed in Amsterdam than a souvenir Holland flag pin.

4. The Red Light District gets redder as the night gets later. Stay safe, yo.

5. Starbucks is taking over the world…and as a traveler I’m kind of okay with that. #freewifi

I found a couple new favorite places today also!

1.Stock: If Anthropologie was a coffee shop this is what it would be. Just the best atmosphere and such good food. I had some apple pie that was out of this world. I never wanted to leave!


2. PopCult: Every fangirl, fanboys and gamers dream this entire store is packed with superhero themed clothing, adventure time, TNMT, Assasins Creed…you name it, its there. Interestingly enough, this is right next door to Stock.




6 thoughts on “Lessons learned in Amsterdam: Day 1

  1. Stay safe, bicycles and trams are a nightmare the way they fly straight at you haha. Coming from Australia where there are rules and laws on Everything! Amsterdam felt like being back in the 70’s. No fences around the canals to stop stupid people falling in, a group of lads riding a bar down the street. Love it! Have a blast xo


    1. Thanks! Honestly the bikes weren’t very much of an issue since a lot of people weren’t riding because of the insane wind. I saw so many people blown off course/off their bikes it was almost comical! But thanks for the well wishes – it was definitely an adventure. 🙂

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