I just finished watching the movie “Wild” and, as everyone said, it’s a movie worth seeing no matter who you are. It was impactful for me, especially, because I’ve been that lone woman backpacking – I’ve had the voices in my head, and had to face the demons of myself and my own failings.

But like Cheryl, I’ve also felt the overwhelming sense of liberation and freedom that comes with packing all of your belongings in a pack and deciding to overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of you.

There were SO MANY quotes I wanted to chew on from the movie that I decided to make some meme like memories using photos from the film so that I could remember them. Backpacking (regardless of where, or how long) is such a challenging and simultaneously rewarding experience. It molds and creates you in a way no other experience ever will, and I loved that this movie allowed viewers to see the impact it brings. I really hope some people were inspired to strike out on their own adventures. Go chase some sunsets!


Wild-2014-Movie wild-movie2

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