Normandy: Part 1

This morning I woke up at 4am…and it was almost intentional.
5am was the actual intended time to rise and shine, but my body, filled with subconscious adrenaline, decided to get up an hour early.

Luckily, the reason for waking up that early was more than worth it. See, this weekend is girls weekend (away from kids!!) nd this morning we jumped on a train to a bus to another train, landing us in Bayeux, France (Normandy!).

Why Normandy, you may ask? Well, I can’t actually remember what inspired the decision, but one of my Paris comrades had the weekend off and so we decided to go visit the coast and learn a little bit more about a different part of our current home country.

Such a good decision. Although we started out our day with an all too early train ride, and ticket machines that just would not spit out our train tickets, we eventually climbed aboard the train and headed west, to the coast.

After a five hour journey we landed in Bayeux, a small but chic little town that has a vibe as different from Paris as you possibly can get. Our first stop was our Airbnb reserved house (or rather a room in the house) and our hosts were lovely enough to give us a lift from the train station! Although Couchsurfing will always be my first option, I’m really loving my Airbnb experiences so far and would definitely suggest trying it out if you’re looking for a less expensive way to travel within Europe.

Our next stop was a church we could see from the train station. It was HUGE! And once we were inside the cathedral we realized just how much history this city holds, even beyond its famous part in WWII and the historic Dday operations that happens not too far from here (and here in the city!) on the beaches. The artistry in the cathedral was just breathtaking! (I’ll post pictures as soon as I am able!)

When people first heard that I was coming to this city they made a huge point of advising me to go see some kind of tapestry. Which sounded about as exciting to me hearing it, as it probably just did for you to read. Tapestry? I wasn’t too sure. But we decided to give it a go, and marched up the museum steps determined to find out what all the talk was about.

It turns out, you all were right. The tapestry was amazing as predicted and it turns out looking at a tapestry that is 70 meters long is one of the coolest ways you can spend your weekend! Like I said, more pictures to come, but I would definitely suggest the venture (and at the student price on 4 euro, it was hard to beat!).

Afterward we went across the street to an Irish/French pub called Le Conquerant, which boldly had the sign “ENGLISH SPEAKING” painted above the door, and enjoyed probably my best ever plate of fish and chips and some drinks. We were also lucky enough to land there right when an English vs. France rugby game was starting and we stayed to watch the super exciting game on the screen, and the equally exciting fans (both British and French) who were in the pub.

Overall it has been an amazingly fun jam day and now I kind of feel like passing out. Tomorrow morning the plan is to bike to the Normandy war memorials and beaches and then jump back on a train back to Paris. A quick trip, but if it keeps up this way I think we’ll have just the right amount of time for awesome memories!

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