Los Angeles Day 1-2


It’s pretty hard for me to rest when I travel. In fact, even though it’s called a “vacation” I usually generally end up trying to fit in as many things as possible. This trip is no exception.

When we first bought tickets to LA, for a trip to Harry Potter World, it was pretty spur of the moment. And by that I mean there was no plan or thought that went into that purchase at all. We saw cheap tickets, we bought them. And after that I pretty much forgot about the trip, with the exception of buying a wand and knitting my roommate a Gryffindor scarf.

Usually I plan out trips pretty crazily with mile long lists of what I want to do and see in each place. This trip didn’t start with a list, but one somehow one manifested itself by the time we checked into our Airbnb. So here we are, at the end of the second day, and I haven’t had one moment of down time. Luckily LA is a huge city filled with awesome things to do – how could we NOT fill our itinerary?

We boarded our plane from Seattle to LA pretty early yesterday, and were lucky enough to get seats next to each other (despite Spirit airlines trying to up-sell us for the exact same seats we got for nothing). The flight itself was perfectly fine once we took off into the air. But, true to their reputation, Spirit airlines made us wait a full hour on the plane before taking off. Needless to say, we arrived quite a bit later in California.

Nothing could dampen our spirits, though…except, perhaps, the impossible task of getting from the airport to downtown LA. We finally (and by finally I mean after asking three people) we were told that the “only way” to get there was via taxi. This was a lie. And I guess we should have seen it coming, since we were asking someone who worked for the taxi company. After stumbling around we finally figured out you can take a shuttle to the metro from the airport, or a bus to the transit center and then go to the metro.

We met an all too happy bus driver who exchanged his life story for every transportation related or directional related question we asked. With his help, figured out that the best way to get around on the metro and the buses is to buy a day pass and use that, unlimited, for the whole day. It’s definitely a good deal once you’re jumping from bus to bus from each tourist attraction to the next.


Once we finally found our way to downtown LA we visited Last Bookstore which is a bit like Powell’s Books (for those of you from the PNW) but with pillars, book art and a mammoth head on the wall. It was fun, but most of the books were priced higher than my budget. Not to mention that, in order not to be charged $60 for our backpacks (thanks again Spirit Airlines) we needed to keep them under certain restrictions, such as size and weight.

After the bookstore, we headed to our Airbnb, which was described to us as an “up and coming” neighborhood. For those of you who don’t know what that means in LA, if means that it probably could be considered the ghetto, but slowly people with higher incomes are moving in…house by house. Sadly it’s still a bit scary to walk around in the dark or anything, but the house itself is a converted residence to now almost dorm with somewhere around 10 sparsely decorated rooms. Oh, and the walls have absolutely no sound proofing…and I do mean none.

Once we got to our house yesterday we were just about to call it a night when we saw an add for a museum we wanted to hit up. Buuuuuut it was closed. So we started brainstorming other ideas. I thought of Roller Derby for absolutely no particular reason (except that it’s awesome – duh) and it turned out that not only is there Roller Derby in LA but their Championship game was last night.


Let me tell you something about Roller Derby: those girls are insane. The energy was an A+ in the warehouse turned Roller racing rink (or is it called a race track?). The language was definitely rated PG-13, and there was a gloriously bizarre amount of black lipstick and face paint. Throw that in with some short shorts, fish nets and tight tight clothing and you’re in for business!

A few highlights from the night:
– That time a girl triple lapped the other team
– When one of the teams literally had more than 100 points on their opponents
– When one of the smaller players got slammed over the railing by the elbow of an opponent…which by the way is against the rules (although I don’t feel like that girl gave a shit that she was breaking them)

All in all I left the place grinning from ear to ear. What a night. The energy was insane. If you ever have the chance to go see a Roller Derby or go to the LA ‘Dolloseum’ do it.

And…I was planning on including day 2 in this post but I’m falling asleep so I’ll write it up tomorrow. Time for some sleep!

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