This is one of the only blogs I actually constantly follow and it is my absolute favorite. Written by a woman who tells it as it is, and accredits her life solely to her Maker, I am inspired every time I read a post. Click here to check out her blog! I guarantee you’ll walk away better for it.  


I am a contributing writer for this amazing website that celebrates women traveling the world! Make sure to check up on their latest posts, and maybe even find a few stories of my own adventures! Click here to see the magic now! 




One of my favorite ladies, and a complete inspiration to becoming your own boss in the world of fashion, Moorea Seal is a designer, curator and fabulous stylist. Having worked with her team I can only say that, had I worked there longer I would now be much further in debt. Everything is beautiful. Check out her blog HERE or shop all her pretty things HERE.



Krochet Kids international is an amazing Non-Profit based out of Costa Mesa, California that I’m absolutely in love with. They empower women in Africa (Uganda) and South America (Peru) by providing them with jobs and education to improve their (and their communities) lives. Where do you come in? The beauty of this project is that beautiful hand made products come from each of the locations they work with. Every item is hand signed by the woman who made it, and you can find profiles about the person who made your product on their website. Basically everyone wins. Check them out by clicking THIS LINK! 

5. 31BITS 



31Bits is another of my absolute favorites. Another non-profit that works with women in Uganda, they provide women with jobs and education while the women produce (seriously) some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever seen… all out of recycled paper! Check them out by clicking THIS LINK! 

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