Quiet Before The Storm

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It’s only been a few days since I’ve been in France, but already I’m learning the importance of nap time. My schedule right now is a little bit off from what it could/should be because only one of the kids is here (the little girl) and the boys are at camp until later today. The family also is getting read for guests this weekend and school doesn’t start for another week, which is going to be rough. While taking care of kids is always challenging, taking care of kids who don’t speak your native language AT ALL and whose language you only speak about 70% of is a category all in its own. The combination of language translation and jet lag make for a tired stew, but this is where I’ve discovered the beauty of nap time. One whole hour of silence. Praise the Lord.

Within this hour I have so squeeze every drop out of every minute by blogging, artsying, reading, writing, texting, Facebooking and any other kind of social media. It’s a fun time – who knew I could be so productive!?

So far the transition hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. Yes there’s a bit of a language barrier, but luckily the little little girl LOVES that she (as the youngest) gets to tell someone else how to speak. She’s extremely helpful, though and loves having me tell her how to say words in English…half of which she can’t actually pronounce. But it goes both ways, because when she laughs at me for not pronouncing something perfectly in French, I tell her how to say it in English and then we both laugh together at our inefficiencies.

I’m pretty curious/terrified to see how the dynamics will change when the two boys arrive tonight. They are, apparently, a handful, and also DO NOT speak English. Joy. But with kids you just never know. Sometimes having more kids in a house actually mellows, rather than stressing them out.

A couple days ago I went on a walk with the little girl and her mom and we saw the Chateauneuf castle and went to a couple of shops. I notched all of these awesome rocks on the walkways and I think it’s flint. I’m not 100% sure, but I absolutely love it. Time to make some arrowheads! (Not really, but I think it would be cool conceptually).

Right now my list of things to do include: 

– Get a French bank account

– Get a pair of slippers: This dog hair is cray

– Buy containers for my knitting needles and paintbrushes

– Stamps for letters

– Find some people my age to hang out with!!

French phrases of the day: 

Don’t move from here: Ne gouge pas d’ici

Get out = Sors

You must do as I tell you: Tu dois faire ce je the dis

Be quiet = Taisez-vous

Sleep Well? = Bien Dormi?

Sit down = Assied-tu

Careful = Prudent

Slow Down = Doucement

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