Miyazaki and Me


As part of my November/December goals, and as just something I’ve made sure to do since getting to Paris, me and some of my friends go out and see an exhibit or attraction or museum etc. every week. I really love this time because Paris is such a busy city that my poor introverted self finds it pretty exhausting to maneuver alone. Solution to the problem: Go out in groups!

This has led to some pretty epic adventures, already, and I was so happy when I found out there was an art exhibit showing nearby dedicated to something I love. I’m pretty new to the whole anime scene, but I’m seriously loving what I’ve found so far. When I first saw the poster for the Studio Ghibli exhibit, I had only ever seen the Miyazaki film, Ponyo. But I knew I really enjoyed it, so before I went I took some time to roll myself into a comforter burrito to watch as many of his other films as possible.

Needless to say, I’m now planning a Princess Mononoke Cosplay. Duh.

Anyway, the exhibit was amazing because it showed original sketches and directional artwork from these films (along with pieces from other artists/directors) along with the narratives on how these films were made. We definitely did skip some of the narratives, but I loved learning as much as possible about the rest of the art work for the movies I HAD seen, especially My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and The Wind Rises.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok! Take it from someone who’s just tiptoed into anime: They’re worth your time! The stories are absolutely beautiful, and so is the artwork.

But what made the experience even more beautiful, for me, is that it was a chance to see the messy scribbles of other artists, which then become beautiful award winning films. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, how much it really inspires me to see the messy bits and pieces of professional artists. You don’t normally get to see anything but the beautiful finished products, so it can be really intimidating. Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to really explore art around the world and to “study” the process that goes into creating the finished masterpieces.

Overall, I’m so excited for our next adventure this week. And I’m so excited for friends who are willing to jump in on adventures with me!

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