Review: Cafe De La Place Talloirres

Location: Tailloires, France

On our way to the ski resort, last weekend, we stopped in this little restaurant which was just so incredible that I had to share. I’ll be honest – at first I was pretty skeptical. When we first pulled up, the building seemed small and not as overbearingly fancy as restaurants in Paris (when did I become such a snob, huh?).

But a good restaurant mainly needs good food and good service, and this was a great example of how you should never judge a book (or restaurant) by it’s cover. Details:

When we went: February 21st, 2015

Who I went with: My au pair mom and host brother

What I ordered: Traditional French Stew

Wifi: Yes. Just ask!

Like I said, this little restaurant is known for having amazing food, but what I loved even more was the ambiance of the place. It’s a mixture of the vibe of an indie coffee shop  with the food of an upscale restaurant.

My meal was a traditional French stew, which wasn’t really a stew (by American standards) at all. It was more of a pot roast, but the meat was cooked to absolute perfection, falling apart beautifully. My au pair mom ordered a rabbit dish, which meant that I got to taste rabbit for the first time! I honestly was terrified, but it turned out to pretty much taste like a tougher version of chicken. Not that exciting. My host brother ordered the classic steak tartare and fries, which was masterfully and beautifully mixed and presented in front of us. It was pretty incredible how fast our waiter mixed together eight different ingredients with exact (and very French) precision, while we were all sitting there, watching. I felt the need to clap when he was done, but apparently it’s more French so simply smile and nod at the waiter.

Overall great experience, buzzing vibe and our waiters and service was lovely. Definitely a recommendation if you’re in the area!

P.s. This place wins for coolest business cards! 5star1

5 Favorite Hipster Spots To Travel To

PicMonkey Hipster Collage

Being born and raised in the Northwestern United States, specifically the Seattle region means I’m no stranger to the word hipster. In fact, I’d say that word and I are long lasting friends. We’ve been through a lot together, including strange haircuts, overly artistic and moody experiments and a nose piercing and tattoo my mom would rather I didn’t talk about. That being said, when I travel I generally look for the hipster vibe in my days there. At first it wasn’t on purpose, then I tried NOT to find those little places that you’ve probably never heard of. But finally I faced it – I am a hipster, and I am okay with that. Maybe you are too – maybe we all are – but regardless, here are some of my favorite hole-in-the-wall-small-time-you’ve-probably-never-heard-of-them stops.

1. Stock Coffee Shop: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


This coffee shop is actually connected with the adjoining hotel and I absolutely fell in love with it during my time in Amsterdam. It’s not hard to see why! The staff was so incredibly nice, the food was amazing and even the tea was incredible. I was surprised how empty it was when I was there, but my hipster soul was glad of it. It’s no wonder I visited four times in two days!

2. Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop: Galway, Ireland



Ok, so this is actually a pretty popular stop spot in Galway, BUT if you walk inside you’ll understand why it’s added to my list. The whole enormous space is stacked top to bottom with vintage books (and new!) and it has that “curl up and never leave” vibe that makes me want to grab my hipster glasses and take some epic Instagram photos – filtered to the highest degree possible.

3. Art Store:: Glasgow, Scotland

ArtStoreQueenStreet3_zpsdce05b50When in doubt, name your store exactly what it is. It’s a kind of ironic beauty that you really can’t compare. At this store I bought a 2″ x2″ canvas which I still haven’t painted anything on it, but I kind of love that I could buy canvases that were small enough to fit in my palm. The location of this store is also pretty hipster awesome because it’s right across the street from the Duke Of Wellington statue, which can often be found sporting his crown of a hot orange traffic cone. 



4.   Dachkammer : Berlin, Germany



Like being surrounded by a log cabin interior without leaving the busy city? Well, this is the spot for you! Not only was it dark, poetic and all lit up with candles and dimmed lights, but it was filled with a kind of 1920’s prohibition era spirit. Whether you’re looking for a place to read moody things, or to go for a late night drink (WARNING: No WiFi here – way too mainstream), this is definitely a top spot I love.

5. Cupan Tae: Galway, Ireland


6151880684_32c576057aFor those days when marathoning Downton Abbey just isn’t enough, you have Cupan Tae to pull you through. Not only is this one of the cutest tea shops I’ve ever been in (or should I say “Tae shops”?) but the staff who works here is just absolutely the nicest. Not only did they charge my phone (I brought the wrong charger for Ireland) but they were attentive and the tea was sublime. A must stop shop for anyone looking for a delicious bite to eat, or a cup of tea to keep you going.

Honestly, this is all I think of when I say the words “Cup” and “Tea.”